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Profile of Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey

Department:Department of Biotechnology
Designation: Professor
Address: BF-142,Salt Lake,Sector-I

Office Phone: 033-23218771
Mobile: 033-23349504

Research Area: Human Molecular Genetics,Radiation Biology

About Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey

Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey received his Ph.D in Zoology from University of Kalyani. He joined as an Assistant Professor & Reader of West Bengal Education Service (WBES) (1980-2005). He joined as a Reader in Presidency College (1996-2005) and as a Professor in WBUT (2005-continuing). Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey has been working in the field of Human genetics and radiation biology for past 10 years .At present he is working on the genetics of Down syndrome patients and Heavy ion induced genomic instability in mammalian cells. He has also undertaken sequencing of a gene responsible for Atrioventricular Septal Defects in Down syndrome. Research is also being carried out on APOE gene polymorphism in Alzheimer’s patients and to develop specific molecular markers for monitoring onset and remission of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He works with a team of four scholars. He has published more than 40 research papers & three students received Ph.D under his supervision.

Publications: View at Google Scholar

List of Publications


  1. Ghosh S, Bhaumik P, Ghosh P & Dey S.K, Chromosome 21 nondisjunction and Down syndrome birth in an Indian cohort:Analysis of incidence and etiology from family linkage data,Genetics Research , 2010
  2. Ghosh S, Eleanor Feingold,S.chakroborty & Dey S.K. , Telomere length is associated with types of chromosome 21 nondisjunction:a new insight into the maternal age effect on Down syndrome birth. ,Human Genetics 127:403-409. , 2010
  3. Ghosh S,Pranami Bhaumik,Priyanka Ghosh & Dey S K. , Chromosome 21 non-disjunction and Down syndrome birth in an Indian cohort:analysis of incidence and aetiology from family linkage data. ,Genetics Research, Cambridge 92:189-197. , 2010
  4. Ghosh S, Eleanor Feingold & Dey S.K. , Etiology of Down Syndrome:Evidence for consistent association among altered meiotic recombination,nondidjunction and maternal age across populations. ,American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A149A:1415-1420. , 2009

List of Projects

India Govt Sponsored

Heavy ion induced genomic instability in mammalian cells. IUAC
Study of Apolipo protein(APOE)gene polymorphism in Indian patients with Alzheimer’s disease. UGC
Studies on tea & tea root extracts to explore protective effects against radiation exposure. NTRF
Identification of Genetic Risk factors for congenital Heart defects in Down syndrome. CSIR

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