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Project Report on Study of Quantum Dot Cellular Automata for designing circuits and implementing them for high speed and low power fault tolerant computing

Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP)

Name Designation Title of the Project Approved on
Dr. Atri Bhowmik Finance Officer, MAKAUT, WB Social-Cost-Benefit Analysis of Privatisation of Engineering & Management Education in West Bengal 16.06.2016
Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar Faculty, Microelectronics & VLSI Technologies Fabrication of High Density Capacitor using Porous Silicon & High-K Material 16.06.2016
Prof. Sreeparna Banerjee H.O.D of Industrial Engineering and Management Dept. Shape Analysis of Cyclone Cloud Intensity Patterns 16.06.2016
Dr. Koushik Majumder Faculty, Dept. of Information Technology Quality of Service Optimisation in Heterogeneous Network 16.06.2016
Dr. Debashis De H.O.D. of Dept. of CSE & IT Sensor Mobile Cloud Computing: Algorithm, Architecture & Applications 16.06.2016
Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey & Poulami Majumder Pro Vice Chancellor, MAKAUT, WB Study of some Gene Polymorphism and Promoter Methylation in Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis 08.07.2016
Dr. Jaya Bandyopadhya & Dr. Debashis De H.O.D. of Dept. of Biotechnology Investigation of the physico-chemical properties of Carbon Based nanomaterials and its biological implications with a special relevance for designing a sensor 08.07.2016
Dr. Santanu Phadikar Faculty, Dept. of CSE & IT Agricultural Disease Prediction to Increase Productivity 16.06.2016
Dr. Raja Banerjee H.O.D. of dept. of Bioinformatics Design of anion-binding receptor based on 'CaNN' motif 08.07.2016

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