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The Department along with regular teaching involves in research

Thrust area: Molecular Design and Modeling Computational Biology for Macromolecular Structure

  • Research Associate/Scholars:

  1. Dr. Tridip Sheet (RA in BIF- DBT)
  2. Mr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh (RS, in association with Bhaskar Saha, NCCS, Pune)
  3. Mr. Divanshu Shukla (RS, in association with Bhaskar Saha, NCCS, Pune)
  4. Ms. Piya Patra (RS; in association with Dr. Jaydeb Chakraborty, S.N. Bose Institute)
  5. Mr. Tanmoy Jana (RS; in association with Dr. Sudipto Saha, BI)
  6. Mr. Subhankar Sahu (RS in SVRGA)
  7. Ms. Antara Sengupta (RS, in association with Pabitra Pal Choudhury, ISI, Kolkata)
  8. Ms. Indra Kundu (Trainee, under DBT-BIF)

  • Research activities:

  • Dr. Raja Banerjee:-

  • Conformational analysis of short designed peptide motifs using molecular spectroscopy and molecular dynamics

  • Molecular Design and Modeling of biomimic-bioactive molecules using short peptide motifs with predefined structure: an implication towards Drug design

  • Application of Mass Spectrometry (MSn technique) for de novo sequencing and conformational aspects of proteins and natural peptides.

  • Metal binding small molecules used as anticancer antibiotics.

Sponsored Research Project: Principal Investigator

  • Title: Design of 'anion recognition' short peptide motifs: an approach towards designing 'model scaffolds' for binding.

  • Funding agency: Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Block -2 (6th-8th Floor), CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110 003.

  • Thrust Area: Structural Biology, Amount of grant: ~24 lakhs (2008-2011).

  • Dr. Subhrangsu Supakar:-

  • Extraction and characterization of bacterial melanin.

  • Quantum chemical calculations for investigation of intermolecular interaction in small molecules,

  • Docking and Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation studies for short peptides and proteins

  • Developing bioinformatics software suite with a graphical interface.

  • Dr. Aulie Banerjee :-

  • Isolation and characterization of Azotobacter melanin for studing  probable interaction of its monomers amongst themselves in the lipid environment

  • Quantum chemical calculations of lipid molecules and melanin protomolecules, molecular dynamics studies involving melanin monomers in the lipid.

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