Sayantani Ray

Faculty (C)

Department of Hospital Management

Sayantani Ray

About Sayantani Ray

Mrs Sayantani Ray has completed her bachelors in BBA Hospital management and masters MHA ( Masters in hospital Management ) from West Bengal University of Technology( now known as MAKAUT, WB).She is presently research scholar in SEACOMM SKILLS UNIVERSITY doing her PHD in Healthcare Quality management. Mrs Ray has a Industrial experience of 5 years working in eminent Hospitals like AMRI, COLUMBIA ASIA Hospital, PEERLESS Hospital, Dr. Pauls Multispecialty Clinic in managerial positions. She also has 2 years Teaching experience in PAILAN college of management and technology in the department of Hospital administration. She attended many National and International academic conferences in India and abroad as an invited speaker namely the MELECON NEPAL and INPALMS Bangladesh. Research interests are in healthcare quality and Patient satisfaction model innovation.

2021-04-22 16:41
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