Dr. Mihir Kumar Mahata

Assistant Professor (C)

Department of Microelectronics and VLSI Technology

Dr. Mihir Kumar Mahata


Ph.D from IIT Kharagpur

Research Area: Compound semiconductor HEMT devices
Solar Cell
Embedded System

About Dr. Mihir Kumar Mahata

Dr. Mahata has received his Ph.D. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2016. He has Worked as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Electronics & Telicommunication Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur , Howrah ,WB, a premier Engineering Institute in India from 2015-2019. Also, he has Industry work experience. He has worked as Executive in Datagen Power Services Pvt. Ltd. from 2007 to 2009. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor (Stage II), in the Dept. of Microelectronics & VLSI Technology, MAKAUT, WB from 2019 to till date. His research interest includes 1. Emerging Semiconductor Devices (TFET, FinFET, Multi-junction Solar Cells), 2. Analog and Digital VLSI Design and 3. Low power VLSI Design.

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