Dr. Arnab Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor (C)

Department of Applied Biology

Dr. Arnab Kumar Ghosh


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About Dr. Arnab Kumar Ghosh

Dr. Arnab Kumar Ghosh has completed B.Sc with honours in Physiology and M.Sc. in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta. He was awarded with Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta in 2014 in the domain of antioxidant chemistry.

During his Ph.D. he has joined at University Colleges of Science and Technology, Rajabazar campus, University of Calcutta and studied on the antioxidant potentials of aqueous bark extract of Terminalia arjuna against Cu-ascorbic acid induced oxidative stress in red blood cells, liver tissue etc. in vitro under the supervision of Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Professor, Dept. of Physiology, University of Calcutta. Along with his Ph.D. work he has also elucidated the mechanism of antioxidant efficacy of several compounds like melatonin, piperine, trigonelline, sugaheal ,andrgrapholide, silymarin etc. on isolated goat heart mitochondria and also involved in the research work on purification of FMN-phosphatase from goat heart and liver. His research area spans over the domain of oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species, activities of prooxidant and antioxidant enzymes like Superoxide dismutase, Catalase, enzymes of Krebs’ cycle and electron transport system and their kinetic behaviour, bioenergetics, protein and DNA purification and the pattern of interaction of antioxidant molecules with prooxidant agents. During his Ph. D. tenure he has published numerous papers and awarded as JRF and SRF with UGC-Research Fellowship in Science for Meritorious Students(RFSMS).After submission of thesis he was awarded with Extended SRF under DST-PURSE scheme and studied the protective effect of β-estradiol against oxidative damage of red blood cell in in vitro system.

After obtaining Ph.D. degree he has joined as Research associate under CSIR programme in 2015, and elucidated the mechanism of the protective action of β-estradiol against oxidative damage of hepatic mitochondria in in vitro system. He has presented this work in 85th annual meeting of Society of Biological Chemists (India) at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysuru and awarded with best poster at Pharmacology section in 2016 and given an oral presentation on this work at 4th International Conference on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Munich, Germany in 2017.

He was awarded with Senior Research Associateship by CSIR Pool section on November, 2018. Prior to joining to School of Biological Sciences, MAKAUT, W.B. he was the Assistant Professor of Dept. of Biochemistry, School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Adamas University, Kolkata, for more than two years. He was also awarded with the “Seed Grant” by Adamas University for the project entitled “Protective effect of miRNA against proliferation of cancerous cells”. During his research career and teaching tenure at Adamas University he has published total 64 papers in first and co-authorship.