Dr. Debashis De


Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Debashis De


Office : West Bengal University of Technology, BF-142,Sector 1, salt Lake,Kolkata,India
Home: 43,Ananda Mohan Bose Road, Dum Dum,Kolkata - 700074

Ph.D from JU
M. Tech from CU

Research Area: Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile crowdsensing

About Dr. Debashis De

Debashis De is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, India. He received M.Tech from the University of Calcutta, in 2002 and a Ph.D. from Jadavpur University in 2005. He is a Senior Member-IEEE, Fellow IETE, and Life member CSI. He was awarded the prestigious Boyscast Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to work at the Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK. He received the Endeavour Fellowship Award from 2008–2009 by DEST Australia to work at the University of Western Australia. He received the Young Scientist award in 2005 at New Delhi and in 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, from the International Union of Radio Science, Belgium. In 2016 he received the JC Bose research award from IETE, New Delhi. In 2019 he received the Shiksha-Ratna Award from the Govt. of West Bengal. He established the Center of Mobile Cloud Computing (CMCC) for IoT applications. He is Vice-chair of Dew Computing STC of the IEEE Computer Society. He published in 375 journals and 200 conference papers, Fifteen books, and filed 10 patents. His h index is 42, the citation is 8000. Supervised 20 Ph.D. students and was listed in the Top 2% Scientist List of the world, Stanford University, USA. His research interest is Mobile Cloud Computing, IoT, and Quantum Computing. He is chairman of IETE and CSI Kolkata chapter.

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Centre of Mobile Cloud Computing

M.Tech, University of Calcutta, (2002)
Ph.D. (Engineering), Jadavpur University (2005),
Post-Doc. Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh Scotland, UK(2008)
Postdoc, University of Western Australia, Australia, Perth(2009).

Fellow IETE
Senior Member IEEE 92923377, CSI
Member: Institute of Nanotechnology, UK, IEE, URSI, Belgium, and ISCA,
American Nano Society, Membership Type: Full Member Membership NO #: 113065.

Research Interests/Areas:

Mobile cloud Computing, crowd-sensing, IoT,
Block-chain, Computational Nanotechnology.

M.Tech. (2002), The University of Calcutta,
Ph.D. (Engineering), Jadavpur University (2005),
Post-Doc. Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh Scotland, UK(2008)
Postdoc, University of Western Australia, Australia, Perth(2009).

Awards and Achievements:
2023 : Elected as Vice Chair, IEEE Computer society, Dew Computing STC
2023: Elected as Chairman ,CSI Kolkata Chapter
2022: Elected as Chairman ,IETE Kolkata Chantre
2022: Vidyasagar Award at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar by CCSN
2021: IBM Quantum Challenge 2021 Achievement - Advanced
2020: Best Paper Award in IEEE WieCon 2020.
2020: Listed in the Top 2% Scientist List of the world, Stanford University, USA
2020: Excellence in Academics, BSAC & Academy of research Bangladesh
2019: Siksha Ranta Award by Govt. of West Bengal.
2018: IET London, UK premium Best research paper Award,2018
2016. IETE, New Delhi JC Bose Memorial Award.
2015:: IEEE Senior Membership, CSI Life Membership
2014:: Excellent Grade in UGC Major Research Project.
2014: BEST paper Award in Nanocon.
2013: DST Fast Track YS project.
2012: Best Poster Paper Presentation Award in ISCA, 2012
2011: Intellectual Ventures Invention Award.
2011: Young Scientist Award by URSI, Istanbul Turkey.
2009-2010: Adjunct Research Fellow Award by University of Western Australia 2009-2012 for three (3) years duration.
2009: Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from 2008 -2009, DEST Australia at University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia in the research group of Prof. Jim Williams.
2008: Boys cast Fellowship 2007-2008 Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for research at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
2005: Young Scientist Award, International Union of Radio Science; (H.Q. Belgium). Young Scientist Award party by the President of India.
1998: The Elite Club Membership Award by The Telegraph a leading newspaper in India for Excellence in Academics.
1995: National Scholarship for 10+2 level.
1993: National Scholarship for Class 10 level.

Research Interests/Areas:

Mobile cloud Computing, crowdsensing,
blockchain, Computational Nanotechnology.

Ph.D. Students :
Degree ( complete )

I. Dr. Kunal Das
Area:: Reversible logic circuit design by Quantum Dot Cellular Automata.

II. Dr. Anwesha Mukherjee; M.Tch(IT), DST INSPIRE FELLOW
Area:: Dynamic optimization of Green Mobile Network

III. Dr. Anindita Ray
Area:: Green Wireless Sensor Networks

IV. Dr.Tamoghna Purokyasta, UGC MRP FELLOW
Area: Quantum Cellular Automata
2014 - 2019

V. Dr. Jadav Chandra Das
Area:: QCA logic design

VI. Dr. Surajit Bari

VII. Dr. Biswajit Baral

VIII. Dr. Sudhanshu Mohan Biswal

IX. Dr. Syed Mahmood Hussain
Area: DNA compression and encryption
2014-2019, Awarded 2020

X. Dr. Sahabul Alam, UGC FELLOW
Area:: Bioinspired Wireless Sensor Network
2014-20120, Awarded April 2020

XI. Dr. Deepsubhro Guha Roy, TEQIP III FELLOW
Area:: Mobile Cloud computing
2016-2019, Awarded April 2020

XII.Dr. Kunal Biswas
Area: Graphene sensor
2016-2020, Awarded May 2021.

XIII. Dr. Debarati Dey
Area:: Molecular Modeling and design
2017-2020, June 2021

Area:: 5G Mobile network optimization
2017-2020, March 2021 thesis submission.

XV: Dr. Biplab Das
Area:: Actin QCA

XVI. Dr. Bikash Debnath
Area:: QCA cryptography

XVII. Dr. Samarjit Roy, UGC FELLOW
Area:: Internet of Music Things
2017 - 2022, UGC Fellow

XVIII: Dr. Arindam Sadhu
Area: Quantum Computing
2019 -2023, thesis submission 2023

Area: Game Theory-based optimization in 5G Mobile network

XX. Mr. Sourav Hati
area: Sustainable smart city using IoT
2018-2023, thesis submission 2023


1. Mr. Amartya Mukherjee
Area: Internet of Drone Things for sustainable smart cities and society
2021 - 2024

2. Mrs. Aparajita Chowdhury
Area: Glowworm swarm optimization for Mobile wireless networks,

3. Mrs. Kamalika Bhattacharya
Area: FL-based Internet of Underwater Drone Things
March: 2022-2025

4. Mr. Sushavan Khatua
Area: TPP for IoT
March: 2021-2025

5. Tanusree Dey
Area: IoT enabled Agriculture using FL
2023 to 2026

6. Mr. Arnab Hazra
Area: Internet of Drone Things using GSO
2023 to 2026

7. Mr. Surajit Ghosh
XAI for Internet of Medical Things
2023 to 2026

8. Vacant seat
MPhil: two students (2012)

M.Tech: Students: 300 + (2006 to 2023)