List of Publications


  1. Ghosh S, Bhaumik P, Ghosh P & Dey S.K, Chromosome 21 nondisjunction and Down syndrome birth in an Indian cohort:Analysis of incidence and etiology from family linkage data,Genetics Research , 2010
  2. Ghosh S, Eleanor Feingold,S.chakroborty & Dey S.K. , Telomere length is associated with types of chromosome 21 nondisjunction:a new insight into the maternal age effect on Down syndrome birth. ,Human Genetics 127:403-409. , 2010
  3. Ghosh S,Pranami Bhaumik,Priyanka Ghosh & Dey S K. , Chromosome 21 non-disjunction and Down syndrome birth in an Indian cohort:analysis of incidence and aetiology from family linkage data. ,Genetics Research, Cambridge 92:189-197. , 2010
  4. Ghosh S, Eleanor Feingold & Dey S.K. , Etiology of Down Syndrome:Evidence for consistent association among altered meiotic recombination,nondidjunction and maternal age across populations. ,American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A149A:1415-1420. , 2009

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