Department of Renewable Energy Engineering

About the Department
To mitigate alarming depletion of fossil fuels and enormous pollution generated during energy harvesting from these fuels effectively, the world community has been compelled towards extensive exploration and efficient harnessing of clean, sustainable renewable energy resources. The vast area of renewable energy is becoming smarter and integrated extremely fast to clean and green energy revolution of the future. To cater to these innovative fields, a huge number of specialized technologists and engineers are needed globally for achieving proper development of the renewable energy sector. In view of the above, MAKAUT, WB has established the Department of Renewable Energy under the School of Energy and Environmental Science in the main campus of the University at Haringhata in the year 2019. The department was renamed as Department of Renewable Energy Engineering in the year 2021.

Vision of the Department :
    To build a world class prime knowledge and research Centre /hub in the field of renewable energy and contribute to the society through advanced educational programs, R & D activities, execution of innovative ideas and generation of highly skilled technologists and engineers in the emerging field of new & renewable energy.

Mission of the Department :
  • To evolve a top-quality education and updated technical skill system attenuated to the changing needs of renewable energy sector.
  • To endow students and researchers with modern concepts & adequate knowledge in order to equip them with industry ready with technical expertise.
  • To inspire students and research scholars with creative ideas and aptitude for conducting industrial oriented research and development works.
  • To promote entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership quality among the students.
  • To strengthen academic, industrial, and social interaction through continuous active collaborations. .

Admission: Through PGET conducted by MAKAUT, WB.

Eligibility: BTech/BE in any discipline of Engineering and Technology or MSc in any branch of Science (Except bio-sciences) Fee Structure: (Click here to view )

Faculty and Staff
Name Department Designation
Dr. Ananta Kumar Das (HoD) Department of Renewable Energy Engineering Professor (C)
Dr. Tapan Kumar Parya Department of Renewable Energy Engineering
Kunal Chowdhury Department of Renewable Energy Engineering Assistant Professor (C)
Dr. Subhajit Saha Department of Renewable Energy Engineering Assistant Professor (C)

Research Projects:
The department provides proper and adequate infrastructure, environment and guidance to the technologists and researchers to develop green, clean and sustainable technologies for future use. In particular the research projects are conducted in the following areas:
  • Solar PV and Thermal Technology
  • Wind Energy
  • Bio Energy
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
  • Microgrid
  • Efficient Energy conversion
  • Smart materials for energy conversion
  • Battery and Storage technology
Sponsored research project:
Title of the Project:
Low-Frequency Hydro-Mechanics Triggered Piezocatalytic Activity of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Sustainable Removal of Cr(VI)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Subhajit Saha
Funding agency: DST SERB
Duration: 2022-2024
Amount: 32 lakh

The department is equipped with two smart classrooms with all necessary requirements with seating capacity 30 each.
  1. Fuel Technology Laboratory:
    Available Instruments: Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester (Digital), Redwood Viscometer (Digital), Electric Hot Air Oven (Digital Temp Control), Single Pan Dhona Balance, Dean, Stark Apparatus for Moisture Content, Orsat Apparatus, Electronic Digital Weighing Balance, Bomb Calorimeter, Muffle Furnace with Digital Temperature Controller Cum- Indicator, Vacuum Drying Oven (Digital), Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner, Autoclave.
  2. Power Laboratory
    Available Instruments: Multimeter, LCR Meter, Digital Clamp Power Meter, Digital Lux Meter, Digital Signal Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Determination of the Generalized Abcd Constant of a Transmission Line (Kit), Different Methods of Starting Of a 3 Phase Induction Motor & their Comparison Induction Motor (Kit), Speed Control of 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor by Different Methods & Their Comparison (Kit), Study of the Characteristics of a DC Motor (Kit).
  3. Renewable Energy Workshop Available Instruments: Concentrating Disc Type Reflector, Solar Distillation Plant, Box Type Solar Oven, TDS Meter for Measuring Water Hardness, Flat Plate Solar Collector, Evacuated Solar Collector, Solar Drier, IV Tester of PV Cells, Small Working Model of Wind Battery Charger, Solar Pyrano Meter for Measurement of Global Radiation, Solar Intensity Meter, Lux- Meter, Solar Surface Pump with Suitable Volt Meter, Ammeter and Watt Meter, Solar Photovoltaic Modules Mono Crystaline / Poly Crystaline/Thin Flim, Solar Photovoltaic Test Jig, Micro Grid-Tie Inverter, Solar Educational Kit, Solar Power Meter, Concentrated Reflector with Evacuated Tube, Small Working Model of Bio Gas/ Night Soil Gas Plant.
  4. Research Laboratory
  5. Computer Laboratory
    Available Software: PV SOL Premium, Homer Pro base, MATLAB .

Department of Renewable Energy Engineering
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal
NH-12, Haringhata, Nadia, West Bengal, Pin - 741249
Phone: 9433828272,7003790190,9800695741

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